Thursday, 8 November 2012

Yes! I've found my future neighborhood!

Oh my Goodness. Okay, I always knew I wanted to live just outside of Monaco. And though I'd been here before, nothing could prepare me for the downright excitement I felt (did not show, ex-cuh-use me) when I walked around Saint Jean Cap Ferrat with my parents and sister to meet up with our relatives at Paloma Beach. 
The fragrance of orange blossoms and some sort of citrusy scent was extremely appealing, and I was so glad I wore my new white pants and a simple tank top. I am not ashamed to say I instagrammed myself sitting in front of the perfect view, because it was a marking my decision to live here. Don't judge. 
Paloma Beach has excellent food including summery veggie risotto, rich pesto pasta and a moist chocolate croustant cake. The fruit platters are almost too beautiful to eat, and there's a happy, summery vibe going on around the secluded beach restaurant. What's even better? The bartenders and waiters all resemble Dolce & Gabbana models. Love, love loooove ladies!

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