Thursday, 8 November 2012

Saint Tropez

My trip to Saint Tropez with my girlfriends was just as fun as I'd hoped it would be. There were lounge chairs under palm trees, a beach bar complete with a very cute Frenchman and easy breezy house music accompanying our pretty decadent lunch at Nikki Beach. 

Now you know what they say, everything is better with good company; but I can honestly say that if you were to looking to find a relaxing destination to hit up alone, I'd recommend Saint Tropez. I adored having my buddies with me to hit up these glorious restaurants, bars and shops, but it's casual enough that if you went by yourself it wouldn't feel intimidating. And it's not some honeymooner's spot that will make you feel 
self conscious roaming around by yourself. 

That's what's so funny about Saint Tropez. Its reputation for the ritzy lifestyle often has people misinterpreting the fact that it really is, just a beach town. A very expensive beach town. I could tell, with the few Americans sprinkled around Nikki Beach, that they had brought their most blinged out accessories along, probably expecting everyone to be decked out in their celebrity-like get ups. But nope. The French have this "simple elegance" thing down, and I feel like Americans and Brits just don't get that. I'm not putting us down (I'm American and am moving to the UK, so I feel entitled to say this), but there is something so effortless about their look. 

I spotted a girl wearing a white bikini, a thin white shirt and tan cut-offs, but she had on gold Raybans and a few sparkly bracelets to match her rhinestoned sandals. Her hair was damp and her skin was dewy, with zero makeup. Maybe it was just her, or the fact that she was laughing so carefree, but I was loving her look. Did it inspire me to skip my usual gold chains? Not really. But it did show me that low key really is hot. 

After spending the day soaking up the mediterranean sun, we cantered toward La Résidence de la Pinède, a gorgeous hotel my friends and I had seen online and gushed over. Walking inside, it truly was magical. I was entranced by the white themed, candle lit tables overlooking the ocean. The building itself reminded me of the house in Karl Lagerfeld's short film...have you seen it? Anyhow, we were slightly startled by the prices. It's not the place to go if you're not willing to spend big. We pretty much went broke after that night! The food was good, not mind blowing, however it was quite a night, and we spent a good couple of hours there. Our pictures were fabulous, though, so no complaints.

The shopping was good, there are some unique pieces near the boat docks, but, readers, please beware! If you are in the area for a while, Ventimiglia and San Remo in Italy are not too far, and they carry similar items and leather goods for at least half the price. I'm talking cashmere, leather bags, turquoise and coral pieces all set out like a flea market. Just so you are informed...

Overall, I loved it. I'd been to Saint Tropez before, but for some reason going this time was a lot more glamorous. My mom recommended Nikki Beach and I'm so glad we took her advice. I was sad we couldn't make it to the VIP Room, butafter dinner our last night, we were too wiped out. But here's a link to the page  if you're thinking about stopping by the club, they usually have artists performing there over the summer, so plan your trip according to the hottest celebs arrival!
And can you believe it?! Rihanna was there the very next day! Saint Tropez is definitely going to be seeing me a lot over summers.    

PS I definitely recommend our hotel, the price was FANTASTIC for our stay, a 2 story villa complete with swimming pools, tennis courts and a close proximity to all the action! It is called La Romarine.

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