Thursday, 8 November 2012


Am I the only one that misses the feeling of terry cloth against my skin after vacation? Not just towels, but that amazing white robe you get in hotels. I'm obsessed with it, because really, what else epitomizes luxurious comfort like a white terry cloth robe?

I must have complained a lot, because my dad insisted we finally go pick one up. When he pulled it out of its bag, I squealed like an eight year old. It was beautiful. Crisp white terry cloth, emblazoned with the hotel crest and everything! But the robe wasn't the only exciting part of my day. We had just finished our brunch at the hotel when I heard someone talking about how this was Brad Pitt's favorite hotel during the Cannes film festival. I looked to my sister for confirmation, but she only smirked at my bouncing. Of course, the hotel was obviously incredible and gorgeous so it made sense. But Brad Pitt has stayed here! Which unequivocally means he's worn my robe!! Well, one just like it.

Anyway, I looked it up, and for tourists who don't know, you're gonna get a big juicy tip. If you're in Cannes during the film festival, try and grab a drink at Hotel du Cap Eden Roc, because you'll most likely bump into a starlet or two. It's a favorite hotel amongst many Hollywood celebrities including Brangelina, Robert De Niro, Paris Hilton and even Karl Lagerfeld, who loved it so much he held Chanel's 2012 Resort Collection along the very pathway where I bit my nail and complained about hunger. Whatttt?! Anywhere, here are some pictures below. You're welcome.

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