Thursday, 8 November 2012

Le Palais...disappointed or hopeful for the future?


Mehh. People are being harsh toward long-time and internationally loved Le Palais night club. We all raved about it for years- begging friends to snap a photo of us in front of the sponsored backdrop so that the world could know we're in on this exclusive party, and now because Cannes has raised their taxes significantly, we curse it for cutting their budget and asking for more money. Are we being cruel, fair-weather friends? Or is loyalty of party-goers meaningless in the world of business?

It fought so hard this summer to stay on top, despite its now bland decor and lack of usual frenzied enthusiasm surrounding the place. It's so sad to go there when a big artist is there and hit songs remixed to perfection are blasting, and still feel like shouting to some unknown spirit 'I'm really enjoying myself!' Yes! That's what this is- pity. I tried to stay positive about it, but I couldn't help but cringe and agree when my friend spat 'Eurotrash' as a group of Jersey shore-esque boys sauntered into the club, too drunk to even stand upright. What has Palais come to? The once toughest club to get into, known for their top-notch dress code, let these people in? How desperate are they?

What boggles my mind, is how a venue with the perfect view, overlooking the beach and the ocean and the lit up croissette can be WALLED OFF so that security can hang out near the window-less wall and yell at me for trying to go there, when THAT should be where VIP members can walk and sit. It's so weird. 

I must mention, to those of you who've heard wonderful things and are now feeling disappointed: it is still one of my favorites. Lame for Le Palais is still upper class by regular standards. The security is still perfect, my favorite hot dog stand is still there, and their music is still off the chain. You'll hear everything, from electro and dubstep to mainstream and rap, and even Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call me Maybe" has been remixed into a tolerable song. There are celebrity guest dj's a lot of nights, but for feature artists who are going to perform they are accompanied by Palais' very own, and he's good.

The coat check is no longer as secure as it used to be, though. No theft, but they've hired younger, stupider girls who are more interested in the party than their job, making my party that I've paid for more tiring and less bubbly. I've had my items misplaced twice, and had to dig through the closet myself for ten minutes to find my Gucci purse tossed carelessly underneath scratchy hangers and other miscallaneous trash. I was not happy, but the only apology I got was a shrug and the smacking of gum in my ear. Ew.

This is not a deal breaker, just bring a bag that you can either keep on you, or only bring enough cash for the night and a bag you don't care too much about. I would still tell you to go to Palais if you've never been, because it offers a good time and up close encounters with the biggies like 50 Cent, Taio Cruz, Swedish House Mafia and more. And the best hot dogs for your post-dance appetite.

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