Thursday, 8 November 2012

Does the place make the guy, or are douchebags just drawn to certain places?

I just don't know. Throughout my last two years in high school, I would constantly be dragged to the club Le Village in Juans les Pins, a small town outside of Cannes. Don't get me wrong, I was so happy to be invited out, but why this club?

It's got its own cool theme going on, sure. Inside the club, are horse-stable/medieval/techno decorations everywhere. I don't really know how a horse head placed beside the bar should make me want to party, but either way, I will always put matters aside for good music. But there never is any, until about 4 a.m. The dj once, to my utter disgust, played a trance electro song that resembled the super mario tune for ten minutes. TenAnd even so, I still manage to go there at least once a month because so many young people seem to love this place! I guess I can't blame the youth for their poor taste. 

But let's face it, most people are too tipsy to realize where they are anyway. If you're a female, it sucks to be around losers who are drooling while you're trying to bust a move with your best girlfriends. Or worse, following you around when you're waiting for a classy guy to come over and talk to you. Yes, this might happen everywhere. But Le Village's security system is okay, and I'm a girl who's willing to pay a few extra Euros for the big huge bodyguards to stick around. 

I'm not promising you a bad night if you decide to party it up at Le Village, however, the douchebag factor might be something to consider if you're trying to pick out a club for the night. Juans les Pins is much better for the bars, on the beach side or around the town.

I suggest going to the bar "Pam Pam", a lively tribal bar that's got delicious and coconut-cupped drinks, upbeat music and dancers. It's always packed. Chill there, because there are millions of things to do in that little section of the area. There's a casino, arcade, shops that stay open late in the summer, crepe stands (which by the way, Grand-Marnier's crepes are AMAZING) and a boardwalk down the street. 

And if you still feel like checking out the horse-head inside Le Village, bring pepper spray and be careful. Even if you go there and decide that I'm a paranoid pyscho, I feel better knowing that I shared that with you.

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