Sunday, 25 November 2012

Rose tea in a fairytale french new lazy sunday favorite!


My sister and I were strolling around the small medieval village Leurmarin with the pleasant strumming of guitars and spanish melodies serenading the "morning people", as I like to call them.

A place can only be so sweet, so charming, and so fragrant of flowers and pastries before you start to believe you're either in Disneyland or a dream. Cheesy, I know. But look at the snapshots of my sunday above, and tell me that it's not the ideal charm-slash-nature day location. And fret not, there's a market with unique jewelry pieces and luxury honies and bread along the stony pathway towards the village square. I found a few bracelets that I bought just for the heck of it, and they've become my favourite items to throw on in the morning on the way out of the house- a small reminder of the sunny day which will surely come in handy once I move to the city of Southampton in England. No offense to Southampton because I honestly love it, but I will miss my tan among other things about the Côte d'Azur.

Anyhow, do check out the village of Lourmarin. Especially if you like the movie Ever After. You'll feel like you're on-set. 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Does the place make the guy, or are douchebags just drawn to certain places?

I just don't know. Throughout my last two years in high school, I would constantly be dragged to the club Le Village in Juans les Pins, a small town outside of Cannes. Don't get me wrong, I was so happy to be invited out, but why this club?

It's got its own cool theme going on, sure. Inside the club, are horse-stable/medieval/techno decorations everywhere. I don't really know how a horse head placed beside the bar should make me want to party, but either way, I will always put matters aside for good music. But there never is any, until about 4 a.m. The dj once, to my utter disgust, played a trance electro song that resembled the super mario tune for ten minutes. TenAnd even so, I still manage to go there at least once a month because so many young people seem to love this place! I guess I can't blame the youth for their poor taste. 

But let's face it, most people are too tipsy to realize where they are anyway. If you're a female, it sucks to be around losers who are drooling while you're trying to bust a move with your best girlfriends. Or worse, following you around when you're waiting for a classy guy to come over and talk to you. Yes, this might happen everywhere. But Le Village's security system is okay, and I'm a girl who's willing to pay a few extra Euros for the big huge bodyguards to stick around. 

I'm not promising you a bad night if you decide to party it up at Le Village, however, the douchebag factor might be something to consider if you're trying to pick out a club for the night. Juans les Pins is much better for the bars, on the beach side or around the town.

I suggest going to the bar "Pam Pam", a lively tribal bar that's got delicious and coconut-cupped drinks, upbeat music and dancers. It's always packed. Chill there, because there are millions of things to do in that little section of the area. There's a casino, arcade, shops that stay open late in the summer, crepe stands (which by the way, Grand-Marnier's crepes are AMAZING) and a boardwalk down the street. 

And if you still feel like checking out the horse-head inside Le Village, bring pepper spray and be careful. Even if you go there and decide that I'm a paranoid pyscho, I feel better knowing that I shared that with you.

Yes! I've found my future neighborhood!

Oh my Goodness. Okay, I always knew I wanted to live just outside of Monaco. And though I'd been here before, nothing could prepare me for the downright excitement I felt (did not show, ex-cuh-use me) when I walked around Saint Jean Cap Ferrat with my parents and sister to meet up with our relatives at Paloma Beach. 
The fragrance of orange blossoms and some sort of citrusy scent was extremely appealing, and I was so glad I wore my new white pants and a simple tank top. I am not ashamed to say I instagrammed myself sitting in front of the perfect view, because it was a marking my decision to live here. Don't judge. 
Paloma Beach has excellent food including summery veggie risotto, rich pesto pasta and a moist chocolate croustant cake. The fruit platters are almost too beautiful to eat, and there's a happy, summery vibe going on around the secluded beach restaurant. What's even better? The bartenders and waiters all resemble Dolce & Gabbana models. Love, love loooove ladies!

Saint Tropez

My trip to Saint Tropez with my girlfriends was just as fun as I'd hoped it would be. There were lounge chairs under palm trees, a beach bar complete with a very cute Frenchman and easy breezy house music accompanying our pretty decadent lunch at Nikki Beach. 

Now you know what they say, everything is better with good company; but I can honestly say that if you were to looking to find a relaxing destination to hit up alone, I'd recommend Saint Tropez. I adored having my buddies with me to hit up these glorious restaurants, bars and shops, but it's casual enough that if you went by yourself it wouldn't feel intimidating. And it's not some honeymooner's spot that will make you feel 
self conscious roaming around by yourself. 

That's what's so funny about Saint Tropez. Its reputation for the ritzy lifestyle often has people misinterpreting the fact that it really is, just a beach town. A very expensive beach town. I could tell, with the few Americans sprinkled around Nikki Beach, that they had brought their most blinged out accessories along, probably expecting everyone to be decked out in their celebrity-like get ups. But nope. The French have this "simple elegance" thing down, and I feel like Americans and Brits just don't get that. I'm not putting us down (I'm American and am moving to the UK, so I feel entitled to say this), but there is something so effortless about their look. 

I spotted a girl wearing a white bikini, a thin white shirt and tan cut-offs, but she had on gold Raybans and a few sparkly bracelets to match her rhinestoned sandals. Her hair was damp and her skin was dewy, with zero makeup. Maybe it was just her, or the fact that she was laughing so carefree, but I was loving her look. Did it inspire me to skip my usual gold chains? Not really. But it did show me that low key really is hot. 

After spending the day soaking up the mediterranean sun, we cantered toward La Résidence de la Pinède, a gorgeous hotel my friends and I had seen online and gushed over. Walking inside, it truly was magical. I was entranced by the white themed, candle lit tables overlooking the ocean. The building itself reminded me of the house in Karl Lagerfeld's short film...have you seen it? Anyhow, we were slightly startled by the prices. It's not the place to go if you're not willing to spend big. We pretty much went broke after that night! The food was good, not mind blowing, however it was quite a night, and we spent a good couple of hours there. Our pictures were fabulous, though, so no complaints.

The shopping was good, there are some unique pieces near the boat docks, but, readers, please beware! If you are in the area for a while, Ventimiglia and San Remo in Italy are not too far, and they carry similar items and leather goods for at least half the price. I'm talking cashmere, leather bags, turquoise and coral pieces all set out like a flea market. Just so you are informed...

Overall, I loved it. I'd been to Saint Tropez before, but for some reason going this time was a lot more glamorous. My mom recommended Nikki Beach and I'm so glad we took her advice. I was sad we couldn't make it to the VIP Room, butafter dinner our last night, we were too wiped out. But here's a link to the page  if you're thinking about stopping by the club, they usually have artists performing there over the summer, so plan your trip according to the hottest celebs arrival!
And can you believe it?! Rihanna was there the very next day! Saint Tropez is definitely going to be seeing me a lot over summers.    

PS I definitely recommend our hotel, the price was FANTASTIC for our stay, a 2 story villa complete with swimming pools, tennis courts and a close proximity to all the action! It is called La Romarine.


Am I the only one that misses the feeling of terry cloth against my skin after vacation? Not just towels, but that amazing white robe you get in hotels. I'm obsessed with it, because really, what else epitomizes luxurious comfort like a white terry cloth robe?

I must have complained a lot, because my dad insisted we finally go pick one up. When he pulled it out of its bag, I squealed like an eight year old. It was beautiful. Crisp white terry cloth, emblazoned with the hotel crest and everything! But the robe wasn't the only exciting part of my day. We had just finished our brunch at the hotel when I heard someone talking about how this was Brad Pitt's favorite hotel during the Cannes film festival. I looked to my sister for confirmation, but she only smirked at my bouncing. Of course, the hotel was obviously incredible and gorgeous so it made sense. But Brad Pitt has stayed here! Which unequivocally means he's worn my robe!! Well, one just like it.

Anyway, I looked it up, and for tourists who don't know, you're gonna get a big juicy tip. If you're in Cannes during the film festival, try and grab a drink at Hotel du Cap Eden Roc, because you'll most likely bump into a starlet or two. It's a favorite hotel amongst many Hollywood celebrities including Brangelina, Robert De Niro, Paris Hilton and even Karl Lagerfeld, who loved it so much he held Chanel's 2012 Resort Collection along the very pathway where I bit my nail and complained about hunger. Whatttt?! Anywhere, here are some pictures below. You're welcome.

Le Palais...disappointed or hopeful for the future?


Mehh. People are being harsh toward long-time and internationally loved Le Palais night club. We all raved about it for years- begging friends to snap a photo of us in front of the sponsored backdrop so that the world could know we're in on this exclusive party, and now because Cannes has raised their taxes significantly, we curse it for cutting their budget and asking for more money. Are we being cruel, fair-weather friends? Or is loyalty of party-goers meaningless in the world of business?

It fought so hard this summer to stay on top, despite its now bland decor and lack of usual frenzied enthusiasm surrounding the place. It's so sad to go there when a big artist is there and hit songs remixed to perfection are blasting, and still feel like shouting to some unknown spirit 'I'm really enjoying myself!' Yes! That's what this is- pity. I tried to stay positive about it, but I couldn't help but cringe and agree when my friend spat 'Eurotrash' as a group of Jersey shore-esque boys sauntered into the club, too drunk to even stand upright. What has Palais come to? The once toughest club to get into, known for their top-notch dress code, let these people in? How desperate are they?

What boggles my mind, is how a venue with the perfect view, overlooking the beach and the ocean and the lit up croissette can be WALLED OFF so that security can hang out near the window-less wall and yell at me for trying to go there, when THAT should be where VIP members can walk and sit. It's so weird. 

I must mention, to those of you who've heard wonderful things and are now feeling disappointed: it is still one of my favorites. Lame for Le Palais is still upper class by regular standards. The security is still perfect, my favorite hot dog stand is still there, and their music is still off the chain. You'll hear everything, from electro and dubstep to mainstream and rap, and even Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call me Maybe" has been remixed into a tolerable song. There are celebrity guest dj's a lot of nights, but for feature artists who are going to perform they are accompanied by Palais' very own, and he's good.

The coat check is no longer as secure as it used to be, though. No theft, but they've hired younger, stupider girls who are more interested in the party than their job, making my party that I've paid for more tiring and less bubbly. I've had my items misplaced twice, and had to dig through the closet myself for ten minutes to find my Gucci purse tossed carelessly underneath scratchy hangers and other miscallaneous trash. I was not happy, but the only apology I got was a shrug and the smacking of gum in my ear. Ew.

This is not a deal breaker, just bring a bag that you can either keep on you, or only bring enough cash for the night and a bag you don't care too much about. I would still tell you to go to Palais if you've never been, because it offers a good time and up close encounters with the biggies like 50 Cent, Taio Cruz, Swedish House Mafia and more. And the best hot dogs for your post-dance appetite.

Oh Roma! Bellissima città!

NOTE: Dates posted are incorrect, as I reposted this blog from somewhere else!


Pizza was the first thing on my mind when I stepped off the plane into the city of Rome. But as I gazed out the window in the taxi, ​my desire to consume a big cheesy carbfest melted away, and all I wanted to do was soak up every bit of history and culture and art that this place was made up of in the short time I had here. Here's a snapshot I took after stepping out of the cab. 

We spent three hours here. The first hour I was at the front of the tour, eagerly asking questions and snapping pictures of just about everything. By the third hour I was scanning the ruins for the exit sign. My point? No matter how amazing it is, don't waste three hours of your precious time in Rome in one place. Move, move, move! You've got a lot to see!
If you're wondering, yes, the pizza is incredible. I thought maybe it was in my head, that I was just hungry and I wanted Italian pizza to be the best so badly that I'd deluded myself into believing it was actually that good. But when my grandmother swooned as much as I did, I took it as a good sign- she doesn't even like pizza.

The galleries are wonderful, I'd especially recommend the Borghese Gallery and the Palazzo Barberini Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica. Like I said, though- as tempting as it is to linger by each painting, don't spend all day inside the museums or you'll regret it.
The infamous Trevi fountain was my favorite stop in Rome. Don't you dare leave without spending even just a few minutes here. It's arguably the most beautiful fountain in the world, and people throw coins into the water to make wishes. I threw about four. 

The shops are so beautiful to look at, with artsy window displays showing off daring pieces I can't imagine ever seeing in the US. My dad and I wandered through the lit-up streets at night when there were less people walking around and it helped me pick and choose which stores I wanted to go back to the next day. I loved listening to him rave about the architecture around us, pointing out things that he hoped I'd gain inspiration from. 

Oh! And random fact, the word "door" in latin is "iuana", or Juana, god of gateways to new beginnings.  In Roman culture, a man's door would be a form of self-promotion. However grand and opulent the door, echoes the interior of the home. This was a very important matter to politicians, who kept their doors easily accessible as if to say they were open to the community and there for the people.